Work Experience

The Trust wishes to encourage members of the local community to consider and pursue a career in the NHS and the 5 Boroughs Partnership. Relevant work experience in a health care setting is often a pre-requisite for the application process for Health and Social Care qualifications. Work Placements should be a structured programme of learning, beneficial to the individual and ultimately to the Trust by facilitating local recruitment.

Work Placements are an opportunity for people to:

• Find out more about the working environment
• Have an insight into the variety of careers in the NHS and to help to inform career choices
• Spend some time discovering if such a career is right for them

If you would like to be considered as of our Work Experience Programme you will be required to request a placement within specific departments and be able to confirm a supervisor who mutually agrees to allow you to shadow them during the placement. Please note supervisors can be any member of staff with the agreement of their manager. If you successfully confirm a placement supervisor please note their name and which department they work in.

Once you have done this please submit the completed Work Experience Application Form to Please be sure to add the name of the nominated supervisor to the comments section of the application form under Placement Type. Once you have done this your application will then be processed.

You can access the
Work Experience Application Form here.

We cannot guarantee you will be offered a placement in your first department choice and so we ask if you are unsuccessful to try alternate departments across the Trust you may be interested in.

Under 18 Procedures

If you are under the age of 18 and would like to be accepted for the Work Experience Scheme we will need full consent from parent/guardian that they accept the letter of understanding which will be sent to you once all appropriate documentation is completed prior to this.


As part of the Work Experience Programme you will be expected to follow the Trusts Staff Dress Code and Uniform Policy. This includes:

• Smart black skirt/trousers and white short sleeved blouse/shirt
• Appropriate footwear (no high heels or trainers)
• Minimal Jewellery (see policy for further information)
• ID badge must be worn at all times

For Further information on our Work Experience Programme please contact the People Services Admin Team 01925 664483 or


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