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Sustainable Travel refers to any travel option that reduces the negative impacts on the environment. It is usually compared against single-occupant car journeys.

Walking, cycling and public transport are the most common types of sustainable travel. Although schemes such as car sharing also count, as they reduce the number of people travelling in cars on their own, reducing pollution, congestion and cost. Swapping car journeys for public transport or cycling helps reduce our carbon footprint.

Public Transport

Traveline Northwest is your gateway to public transport information services across the North West with links to local public transport authorities. Use it to plan any journey across the 5 boroughs or to get up to date public transport information or 08712 002233.


Cycle Storage: Cycle storage facilities are available at several Trust sites and full cycle travel details for each site are listed in the site travel leaflets below.

Cycle to work scheme: The Trust offers staff access to new bikes and cycling equipment through the Cycle to Work salary sacrifice scheme. To find out more log on to and enter 5 Boroughs Partnership in the organisation search. You can choose your new bike from the selection online or from a local participating bike shop. This scheme offers the benefit of paying in monthly instalments direct from your salary and also benefiting from tax savings. The scheme is open several periods throughout the year, for more information on when it is open contact the Environment and Sustainability Officer on 01925 664098.

Cycle Network: Spokes is an informal network for NHS staff who cycle to work. For more information and to join the network by clicking here.

Cycle Maps: Many local authorities produce cycle maps showing the safest routes to cycle. Links to cycle maps for St Helens, Warrington and Wigan can be found by clicking below:

Travel Leaflets

Leaflets are available with information on all your travel options for the following sites. They are available in 2 formats, online view and print view. The information is the same in both. The print format can be printed and handed to visitors or included with patient correspondence.

• Dudley Wallis Online version / Print version
• The Brooker Centre Online version / Print version
• Peasley Cross Online version / Print version
• Leigh Infirmary Online version / Print version

You can also view Useful Travel information to help you plan your journey to each site across our 5 Boroughs by clicking here.


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