Our Skin Camouflage Service

Helping to shed the stigma of self-harm….

Our history

The exciting project was first piloted in May 2012 with young service users at our Helping Hands clinic in Wigan, where the young people were taught how to use special medical skin camouflage to cover their self-harm scars. This resulted in a partnership with Changing Faces – a registered charity which has helped tens of thousands of people with facial disfigurements cover their scars using special camouflage creams.

The Skin Camouflage Service, which aims to help people with self-harm scars improve their self-confidence and raise awareness of the role medical camouflage creams can play in recovery, is the first time medical camouflage creams have been used in a mental health setting as part of a mental health care recovery package.

The Skin Camouflage Service was successfully piloted in October 2012 for six months within all 5 Boroughs Partnership services following a funding bid. During this pilot, the service was provided for 5BP service users with self-harm scarring and scarring that was impacting on their mental health. Throughout the pilot, the service was evaluated; resulting in a clinically significant rise in self confidence for the service users.

Following the positive impact that the Skin Camouflage Service had during the pilot, the service became part of the 5BP recovery package providing a unique, high quality, bespoke service.

What we do...

The Skin Camouflage service provides a personalised and specialist service for people suffering from a wide range of both severe and complex mental health difficulties and who have a history of self-harming behaviour resulting in wounds and scarring.

Camouflage creams can significantly reduce the appearance of marks, scars and skin discoloration whilst providing effective, long-lasting waterproof coverage; the creams contain SPF which provides protection when outdoors.


During the consultation, the practitioner will match the colour of the service user’s skin to the correct colour of medical camouflage cream. A powder will then be applied which sets the cream, making it waterproof and enabling the service user to shower, go swimming and go about their day to day activities.

We also offer advice and training to service users on the use of medical skin camouflage creams and the different techniques on how to get the best results when applying the medical cream. This will be provided within the consultation and further refresher sessions are available if needed.

When and where is the service provided?

The Skin Camouflage Service has both Adult and CAMHS clinics throughout the 5 Boroughs area and will try their best to see the service user in the location closest to them. Consultations will be held Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm.

Our leaflet is available here
To find out more about the Skin Camouflage Service, contact them on  07717 730 306 or email them on skin.camouflage@5BP.nhs.uk Alternatively, contact Vicky Jolly, Team Manager by emailing vicky,jolly@5bp.nhs.uk.


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Email: thetriplefsband@gmail.comPosted on: 03/03/2015 18:11:43

This is such a good idea! I just wish they'd raise awareness of these issues more so that people can get help. Covering self-harm scars is such a great way to improve self esteem!


Email: thetriplefsband@gmail.comPosted on: 03/03/2015 18:12:03

This is such a good idea! I just wish they'd raise awareness of these issues more so that people can get help. Covering self-harm scars is such a great way to improve self esteem!