Our Overall Purpose Statement


As your Trust Board we recognise the importance of being very transparent about what our role is and what our responsibilities are to the people we care for and our employees.

Together we have determined that our purpose is this:

"We will always do our very best to make the right decisions for the health and well-being of our patients and staff."

Recognising the far reaching impact they have on this Trust, we want to be clearer about the types of decisions we make; to explain the reasons and thinking behind them and to give you more options to feedback to us and ask questions.

We also want to become more recognisable and accessible to you as people; to give you opportunities to learn more about our roles and responsibilities as individuals and how we work together collectively as your Trust Board.

With this in mind as of September you will begin to see regular features covering all of the above in our staff communications such as Viewpoint and Connect.

Our Overall Purpose

Like many other NHS Trusts the purpose of our organisation has changed in recent years due to changes in national policy and the acquisition of services other than those we have traditionally provided in the past.

We have also chosen to work towards a cultural change in our organisation – embarking on a Coaching Programme whereby people at all levels are supported to share their ideas for improvement.

We have been listening and speaking to each other firstly as a Trust Board, then with the input of the Advancing Quality Alliance (AQuA) our Leadership Forum and the Clinical Leadership Group to decide what our ‘Overall Purpose’ should be.

Together we have determined that our Overall Purpose is this:

“We will take a lead in improving the well-being of our communities in order to make a positive difference throughout peoples’ lives”

This ‘Overall Purpose’ reflects our commitment to whole-person care which promotes both mental and physical well-being. We want to be a strong partner in the decision-making in our communities so that they become places where people live well and recover.

In order to achieve our ‘Overall Purpose’ we recognise that we need to set clear goals in specific areas and support our people to accomplish them.

We have therefore identified six strategic action areas in which projects will be undertaken. These are:

• Long-term conditions and learning lessons from our Community Health Services
• Partnering
• Pathways (understanding and being able to describe these)
• Reputation
• Research
• Innovation

These strategic action areas will be led by members of the Executive Leadership Team. Members of the Leadership Forum and Clinical Leadership Group will develop and deliver the associated projects.

As these projects begin to take shape, you will be able to learn more about them through In View, Core Brief, Viewpoint and on Connect.

There will be opportunities for you to ask questions and feedback to us, and to get involved and support your colleagues.

Our Quality Definition

Having agreed what our ‘Overall Purpose’ is and identified the areas where action is required we wanted to be very clear about what our organisation’s definition of quality is.

Closely linked with our five organisational Values, we felt that our Quality Definition should reflect ‘the way we do things around here’ - acting as our collective conscience as we all go about our daily business.

We have been listening to and speaking with our Council of Members about this and together we have determined that our Quality Definition is this:

“The users of our services are the first priority in everything we do ensuring that they receive effective care from caring, compassionate and committed people working within a common culture and protected from harm.”

This Quality Definition is one we can all share in – regardless of the individual roles we fulfil at this Trust.

It’s a mirror our patients can hold up to over services and a measure for the care we have provided to them.

Going forward, our Trust Board Purpose; Overall Purpose and Quality Definition will together summarise what we plan to do and how we plan to do it as an organisation.

They have been written by your Trust Board, Leadership Forum, Clinical Leadership Group and Council of Members and we are equally responsible for living by and up to them.

If you have questions or feedback you would like to share about them, please email simon.barber@5bp.nhs.uk


Simon Barber


  • To view the Trust's 'Quality Statement' video click here
  • To view the Trust's 'Overall Purpose' video click here.



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