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Launching our Culture of Care…

The Trust demonstrated its commitment to compassionate care by making the development and implementation of an integrated care strategy a high-level objective for the financial year 2013/14.

In response to this, a group of professional leads from various disciplines across the Trust have been working together to develop the strategy and determine how we would achieve this objective. The group unanimously agreed that this strategy would need to be embedded into practice and be a culturally accepted approach across all professions, rather than a static document that gathers dust on a shelf.

As a result, the group decided to define the strategy as an organisational Culture of Care.

In 2013, Jane Cummings, Chief Nursing Officer at NHS England launched an initiative known as the ‘6 Cs of Nursing’. These Cs are Care, Commitment, Communication, Compassion, Competence and Courage. The aim of the 6 Cs is to define a vision for the caring profession, reinforcing the values and beliefs that underpin care. It recognises the excellent standards of care that are delivered and encourages all to capture and celebrate that to spread good practice.

Unlike the 6 Cs of Nursing, which is aimed directly at frontline nurses and midwifes, we want every single member of staff at the Trust to get involved with our Culture of Care and help us to make it a reality. Whether you are a psychologist, a psychiatrist, an accountant, a porter, a librarian, a nurse, a physiotherapist or a receptionist – whatever your profession, our Culture of Care needs YOU.

We want every member of staff to think about how their role impacts on patient care and consider our service users and carers with every decision they make. After all, they are the reason why we are all here, no matter what your role is.

The Culture of Care is not a one-off event or activity, it is a long-term, organic strategy which will be demonstrated in many ways and on many occasions, and there will be lots of opportunities for staff to get involved in helping us to make this a reality along the way.

You can watch our Culture of Care video which was presented at the 6CsR4E Conference in London:


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