No Secrets - Supporting those affected by Self Injury


No Secrets is a peer support group for anybody over 16 years of age who is affected directly or indirectly by self-injury. The group meets in a safe and secure environment, where people can explore their own behaviours, and share their feelings with people who have had similar experiences. We offer a range of activities to help members develop their own skills, realise their potential, and have some fun in the process.

What is Self-Injury

Self-injury is a coping mechanism for the majority of those who do it. A person intentionally causes harm or injury to their own body, usually when they are experiencing overwhelming and intense emotions, thoughts or feelings.

Some feel they become ‘addicted’ to self harm and continue to harm themselves despite not wanting to. When a person feels they want to self harm it’s usually difficult for them to remember or even care about the negative consequences, such as further scarring, possible internal damage, upset from friends/family etc. This often makes it difficult for people to stop harming themselves.

Its human’s instinct to go out of our way to avoid pain of any kind. Reflex actions (like pulling away from a hot pan) help us to avoid pain, and it is usually this notion that people struggle to understand, if they have never intentionally harmed themselves before.

The pain that many who self injure are trying to avoid, or relieve is usually emotional pain. Sometimes the emotional pain people feel inside is even more painful than anything they could inflict on themselves. Therefore, self harm can become a person’s ‘reflex’ action to help avoid or pull away from emotional pain. Self-harm brings the mind’s attention back to physical pain, enabling the individual to temporarily forget, or push aside, any emotional pain they were focusing on or struggling with.

No Secrets is run solely by volunteers and people who are passionate about offering support to those affected by self-injury. We are dedicated to raising awareness of self-injury to help tackle stigma and discrimation.

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