Halton later life and memory services consultation

Our Trust has reviewed the services we provide for older people with memory problems and mental health problems. This review looked at the services we provide in the community and our inpatient services.

We would now like to make some changes to our services based on the results of this review. We think these changes will help to improve the care we provide for our patients and their families in Halton.

We are launching a public consultation to give our service users, carers, stakeholders and members of the public the chance to share their views on our proposal. You can read more about the changes we are proposing to make below.

You can read the full consultation document here.

Why do we need to change?

Over the last few years, we have made some positive changes to improve our community-based services for older people with memory problems in Halton.

These changes include the introduction of a new Admiral Nurse service, which supports the families and carers of people with dementia.

We have also set up a service which works with staff in care homes in Halton. The team helps care home staff to meet the needs of the people they look after who have memory problems like dementia.

As a result of these changes, there has been a 58% reduction in older people with memory problems needing to be cared for on our inpatient wards, as more people are able to stay well living in their own homes or in care homes for longer.

This is really positive but it has also meant that our inpatient ward for people with memory problems (Grange Ward at the Brooker Centre in Halton) is not being used as much as it was before. Last year, only 4 out of the 8 beds on the ward were being used, on average.

This isn’t the same across all of our services. There are a lot of adults in Halton who need treatment on our adults’ mental health inpatient wards. The demand for these beds is so high that some adults have had to go to out-of-area facilities to get the treatment they need, as there weren’t any free beds for them in Halton. This has ended up costing a lot of money and has had a negative impact on patient experience.

What changes are we proposing to make?

As part of the changes we’d like to make, we are proposing to close our ward for older people with memory problems in Halton.

We understand that people with memory problems in Halton will still need short-term inpatient care from time-to-time, so these people will be able to stay on one of our specialist inpatient wards in Warrington, Wigan or Knowsley if they need to.

These will be centres of excellence that are specially designed to meet the needs of older people with memory problems, and service users and their carers will be able to choose which of these wards they stay on.

Older people with mental health problems like depression and schizophrenia can often have physical health problems too. At the moment we don’t have an inpatient ward designed to meet the needs of this patient group but we are opening a brand new ward at Atherleigh Park in Leigh for older people with mental health problems in 2017.

The ward has been specially designed to meet the needs of this service user group, and service users from Halton will be able to stay on this ward if they need to.

Is the proposal just about saving money?

No. The beds we close in Halton will be reopened as beds for adults with mental health problems, where they are really needed.

What if families can’t travel to the new sites?

If families and carers find it difficult to travel to one of our inpatient wards in Warrington, Wigan or Knowsley, we will help them out by providing transport so they can visit their loved ones in hospital.

How can I have my say on the changes?

You can have your say on the changes we are proposing to make by completing our survey. You can do this online here or you can print and complete a paper copy of the survey and send it back to us by post. You can download the paper copy of the survey here.

If you would like to take part in a focus group or speak to us directly about the proposal, you can let us know and leave your contact details in the survey, and someone from the Trust will be in touch.

We have also done an easy-read version of the survey if you would like to complete this version. You can view this here.

If you are having a problem viewing any of the documents on this page, please email communications@5bp.nhs.uk

You have until 5pm on Friday 30 December 2016 to give us your views.


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