CAMHS Annual Awards Ceremony

Young people celebrate their achievements

YOUNG people have celebrated their achievements at an awards ceremony.

Now in its third year, Friday’s event recognised young people who are, or have been, involved with the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) at 5 Boroughs Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

Organised by the young people themselves through SHOUT – Your Voice Matters, a participation group which meets regularly enabling young people to get involved with and improve services the Trust provides for young people.

The Alice in Wonderland themed ceremony was held at The Village Hotel, Warrington, and attracted more than 130 young people, their families, clinicians and the Trust’s partners.

Bernard Pilkington, Chair of 5 Boroughs Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, said: “The young people who have been involved with our SHOUT participation group have played an important role in improving our services over the past few years and it’s great to see their efforts recognised.

“When you remember that all the young people involved have experienced mental health issues in the past and some are still receiving treatment for their conditions, it really brings home just how much they have achieved. Congratulations to everyone who was shortlisted or won an award.”

A total of 35 young people aged between 5 and 18 were recognised and the winners were:

Ethan Kowolik - Volunteer of the Year - This award celebrates the volunteering efforts of a young person to SHOUT

Ethan has attended and participated in the St Helens SHOUT group from the beginning, and is always a very willing volunteer,
congratulations Ethan.

Chloe Smith and Millie Browitt - Personal Journey - This award is given in recognition that some young people overcome huge challenges to achieve success – be it in their family, social, educational or work lives.

This award goes out to two people who have both shown determination and commitment which made it impossible for the panel to make a decision on one winner. Chloe Smith Warrington – Throughout her CAMHS journey she has given 100% in using techniques to support herself

Millie Browitt Wigan – She has not given up throughout a difficult journey Millie is young person who is in foster care and has attended our service for a number of years.

Millie has completely changed her life and is now able to enjoy happier times Following a number of difficult years Millie has re engaged with education and has a work experience placement.  Congratulations to Chloe and Millie

James Owens from knowsley - Contribution to Community - This award is for a young person who has contributed in any sort of volunteer or charity work.

James has written a heart rendering, and very moving poem in relation to knife crime (“Blood on your hands, ice in your heart”) and how it affects families and victims of knife crime. We were inspired by the creativity James has employed here, congratulations James

Joel Tuson from Warrington, Inspiration of the Year - This award recognises a member of Trust staff who deserves an award for their contribution to young people’s participation, the recognition of all the work they do and support they give with a dedication and commitment to improving the standards of our services.

Joel is very passionate about SHOUT and has dedicated himself to improving perceptions of mental health, he runs the SHOUT group with energy and enthusiasm and often goes above and beyond in offering support to the events we run, congratulations Joel.

Promoting young people services - This award is for a young person who has contributed to raising awareness of services.

Winners are Knowsley and St Helens Community Reporters - The young people have given their time to work hard as a team and produce a video that they not only participated in but produced and edited themselves. The video is all about the journey involved in Transitions from a Service User perspective. This video will also serve as an excellent educational tool. Congratulations – Jenn Webster, Ellen Norrey, Tom Robinson Emily Kearney

You can view their video here.

The Halton SHOUT Group  - Innovator of the year - This award is for an individual young person or group who has designed/created a piece of work or project that will be used by CAMHS.

The Halton Group was chosen not only for their on-going commitment and energy involved in the Participation work, but they have also been changing the face of CAMHS by educating teachers and other educational staff about mental health in a meaningful way. We felt this required courage and commitment to the Participation agenda and also goes a long way in reducing stigma. Congratulations to all the members of the Halton SHOUT Group.

Toby Adeyemo from Knowsley -  Champion of the Year - This award recognises a young person who has made that extra effort to support others or has otherwise gone the extra mile. The individual is someone who always shows a willingness to participate and in recognition of all the work they have done.

Toby has worked hard to encourage vulnerable young people to access help in a selfless way. Toby encouraged the young people on the Summer Arts Project to participate in all activities and engagement with the event, in particular Toby supported another vulnerable young person who was reluctant to engage and he enabled him to become part of the group, he is a true Champion.

Amy , and her parents Sue and Ste Lever Halton - Ambassador of the Year - This award recognises an adult who has supported young people through work, volunteering or fundraising. (Excludes trust staff)

Amy has been tireless in her promotion of CAMHS at every SHOUT, CAMHS and INSPIRE event.  Amy is always willing to share information and to help others in doing so. She is keen to raise awareness of mental health in order to reduce STIGMA.. Sue and Ste participate in every participation event and give up their own time to run groups for young people in their own community. They have represented CAMHS at external conferences and always participate willing and selflessly. Congratulations  Amy, Sue and Ste.


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