Adult`s Services




Our Acute Care Pathway (ACP) to Adult Mental Health Services will provide:

Better Access
Better waiting times
Better treatments
Better outcomes


Our service users and carers, and health care colleagues told us that people should be able to access help and receive treatment from our adult services in the quickest most streamlined way possible.

We have really listened and worked with all these groups and others to design the Acute Care Pathway (ACP) which was launched back in 2012.

Our 24 hour Assessment service....

Our new enhanced 24-hour assessment service means that you can access help around the clock, when you need it.

Our dedicated home treatment team service is seen as an alternative to admission and will work closely with community services to help service users stay well where they most want to be - at home.

When a hospital stay will best suit their needs, our goal is to offer them the treatment and support they need to return home as soon as possible. In addition, to make sure everything is in place to support continued recovery.

Our Home Treatment Services are intended for people who have moderate to severe symptoms of mental illness.

Referrals to the Home Treatment Team will be made internally by community or in-patient services from within our Trust.

As a direct response to the feedback given to us by GPs, service users and carers, our Community Mental Health Team (CMHTs) which provide our longer-term community mental health services for those people who experience enduring mental health problems have been replaced by new Recovery Teams.

The redesign means our community service is more recovery-focused; has extended hours of operation; has a truly multi-disciplinary approach and focus on meeting individual needs. At the centre of this recovery model is be patient choice and individualised care planning. 


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