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Our Trust Values.....How we got here

During 2010 we had the opportunity to talk to lots of our staff members about their thoughts and views on our Values – about what is important and how they would like us to behave with one another and our service users and carers.

At our series of workshops, on our grafitti walls in each of our boroughs we asked for your views about:

  • How service users and carers are treated
  • How staff treat each other
  • Leadership and Management styles
  • Communication and building effective relationships
  • How issues are resolved and decisions are made
  • The way in which rules and processes are defined and operated
  • Our ‘Shining Stars’, a group of staff from across the Trust who expressed an interest in being more closely involved with the development of our values, attended a session to discuss this draft set of values. Here they discussed their opinions on the values as well as their ideas for launching them.

After this information gathering stage, early in 2011 we continued our work in developing a draft set of Values and getting your views and comments about them.

In 2011 we launched our final set of Trust Values. They are:


In 2014 we started our Values Based Recruitment Journey, aligning our interview and selection stage to our Trust Values and Jane Cummings Chief Nursing Officer’s Six C’s. (Care, Compassion, Commitment, Courage, Communication and Competence).

Our Values Based Recruitment approach aims to support managers in identifying people with both the right skills and the right values. We’ve worked with our service users and carers to ensure we’ve captured the things that matter most – peoples values. Whether they care, whether they’ll go the extra mile, whether they are respectful and whether they’ll do the right thing.

As part of our Values Based Recruitment Journey we’ve supported our management team with an interactive course that helps them develop skills in peeling back the layers to see the real person. We’re committed to developing all our leaders in this approach and are committed to making sure we only appoint those people who can demonstrate our values.



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